Thank you for visiting our site. I would like to introduce myself and our Spanish project.

  I’m a Spanish Linguistic professor (to Spanish speaking students) for all levels including University and College credits and, above all, I’m a Spanish Language teacher. I owe everything I know to the classes for foreign students that I’ve been schooling for more than 20 years.
  Overseas students have taught me, from different perspectives than the Spanish natives, to really understand the essence of my language, the real sense of communication which, I pass on to my fellow teachers and it’s what constantly guides us to be sure that we are offering an effective Spanish class. Besides, everyone at the Spanish department has been foreign sometime in the past, which makes us aware about what a non-Spanish speaking student requires in our country.

  Finally I would like to answer the question that I get very often through our webpage: Why do we offer lower rates than our competitors? I say with confidence that our prices are simply just; lower yes, but with the highest level of teaching. Remember, more expensive doesn’t mean better, or do you think I was a better teacher when I used to work at those most expensive schools? A good teacher will always be a good teacher.

  Please do not hesitate to share your doubts with me. I will be delighted to answer your inquiries and requests.

Mr Eduardo Esclarín
Head of Department.

Where Is LinguaSpanish?
  We are centrally located, right in the heart of Madrid, in the city's most exclusive Chamartin district and only some  minutes away from the Down Town.

The School
  LinguaEstudio or LinguaSpanish have confortable air conditioned classrooms. Windows have double crystal to keep the noise of the town out, although the school is located in a quiet neighborhood but with all services.

   With a maximum of eigth people per class we can offer to the students everything they need to improve their Spanish. Experienced teachers guide our students in all the skills and levels.

  A fully equipped academic center housed in a modern building, LinguaEstudio combines all the facilities of a modern school with the charm and grace of historic architecture. In short, you will enjoy a school that is not only functional, but also a comfortable and beautiful place to learn Spanish in Madrid.

  • Fully equipped classrooms
  • Background music available in the entire school
  • For your year-round comfort: centralized heating and air conditioning throughout the school
  • Powerful Wi-Fi, with access from all points of the building
  • A computer place with stations for students
  • A snack area and security cameras 

Student Legal Aids

Do you know your rights in Spain?

It is very important you to know that when you come to Spain you acquire all the rights as Spanish people.

Every now and then, students might require legal advice and assistance to ensure that their rights are protected.We actually know that sometimes it is really difficult to understand Spanish language although you have studied the idiom for a long time. If you need to use legal language, Spanish seems more difficult and almost impossible to understand. For that reason, we want to help our students and we have made a special department where to teach about renting contracts and administrative actions and then they may feel surer when they are looking for a home or registering at the university, for example.

Just ask us.

Best Atmosphere
 LinguaEstudio presents a famous Spanish Language school with a vibrant international atmosphere. People worldwide learning Spanish in an exclusive Spanish Language Department. Most of teachers studied in foreign countries and we know all students need and we like giving a very open-minded attitude and a good preparation for the challenges of this century. You will be able to feel the international atmosphere because LinguaEstudio provides a multicultural study environment for learning and improving Spanish language, history or culture and other languages. 

Just ask us.Free Conversation Classes
 In LinguaEstudio school we organize free classes of conversation for improving and strengthenning your Spanish. These Spanish Conversation Classes are some informal gathering of multi-lingual people just like you who want to learn more about the Spanish language, history and culture.

  • Discuss current events with interesting people!
  • Participate in challenging pronunciation drills!
  • Improve your understanding of Spanish idiom!
  • Develop your conversation strengths!
  • Confront your weaknesses!
  • Increase your fluency in spoken Spanish!